NED's Mindset Mission brings special message to DVES

Megan presents Lydia Boronow, Winter Lily Oliver, and Connor Giblin with their yo-yo-s (Photo by Peg Snure)

MILFORD — The Delaware Valley Elementary School was treated to a NED assembly this week. Megan from NED’s Mindset Mission performed a 45-minute assembly filled with humor, yo-yo’s, magic tricks, puppetry and storytelling.
In the assembly, a cartoon boy named NED is introduced. His name stands for:
Never give up (understanding the power of yet)
Encourage others (spark courage in other people)
Do your best (always be learning and growing)
He is on a mission to find his mindset. He overcomes many obstacles, finds treasures and grows his brain in the process. The performance helps children to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges.
During the performance, Megan asked Lydia Boronow, Winter Lily Oliver and Connor Giblin questions to reinforce ideas taught during the assembly.