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  • Small tree damages lamp post outside Community House.

  • Tree down narrowly misses home on Old Milford Rd.

  • Milford Diner generator keeps doors open and local residents without power are glad.

  • Debris dotted the area like this gutter at the intersection of Broad and Ann Streets.

  • Convienience store on East Harford in Milford opens doors despite lack of power.

  • Some road signs were knocked down due to high winds.

  • Gas lines around Turkey Hill in Milford wrap around for several blocks as the only location in the area offering the service.

  • Turkey Hill generator keeps local residents moving and personal generators fueled.

  • Lower level of new library building sustained just very little damage.

— Many Pike County residents were skeptical that the storm would be as bad as expected. But as the clouds of Hurricane Sandy drifted north on Sunday, the rush for water, generators, and staples began in earnest.

The wind howled through the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania on Monday morning, bending trees and toppling items that had not been tied down. Trash cans and porch items slid along local roadways.

As the New York and New Jersey coasts suffered devastation, the storm was being called the storm of the century, worse even than Hurricane Irene. But as the hurricane headed southwest, the area experienced mostly high winds and scattered rains.

Local emergency services received high a volume of calls. Fire and rescue responded to nearly 200 to 300 calls, mostly investigation of wires and trees down, with a few reports of structure fires and gas leaks. Nearly 50 ambulance calls kept EMS personnel busy as well.

A tree on Broad Street, outside the Community House, took out a street lamp, and another on Harford hangs over the sidewalk. The new library building survived with little to no problems. Other local roadways, such as County Road 2011, are closed because of trees down and other debris.

Halloween descended on a darkened community. Local utility representatives say power, which has already been out for nearly 24 hours, will be restored in seven to ten days. Company estimates put Orange & Rockland customers without power at 195,622. Milford Mayor Bo Fean is says he hopes ten days is a conservative estimate and that the borough will see power back up in just a few days.

Some Milford businesses have taken inventive measures to provide for those out of power. The Turkey Hill on Harford Street brought in a generator, and is one of only a smattering of gas and convenience stores still open in the county. Gas lines reminiscent of the 1970s gas crisis lined streets in the storm's aftermath.

Hot meals are available at the Milford Diner, CJ’s Pizza, and the Chang Mao Chinese restaurant. They all have generators humming. Also surviving, with no generator, is the convenience store across from the library.

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