Pike fishing season almost here

Zane Grey derby is on: But commissioners' derby postponed because Lily Pond is still frozen

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  • Zane Grey fishing the Lackawaxen.

By Charles Reynolds

— Lori Strelecki of the Pike County Historical Society talked to county commissioners at their meeting last week about upcoming events connected with the county's bicentennial celebration.

In other business

Bringing jobs to Pike
Mike Sullivan, who is once again at the helm of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce discussed the kick off of the Economic Development Program to bring businesses – and thus jobs – into the county. A number of businesses in target industries throughout New York and New Jersey would be receiving a series of postcards enumerating the many benefits of locating in the county. Sullivan said that not only were the leisure and hospitality industries' pay on the low end of the scale, according to the government's Business Labor Statistics, but that the county's pay scales were even lower than the national average. These two industries make up a large portion of jobs in the county. He and the commissioners are hoping to lure small to medium sized industries that pay better.
Local resident Matt Ebbert asked if the lowering of the state's bond rating would have any impact on their efforts. He was assured they would have little to no impact.
Flood prevention
Commissioners are calling on the City of New York to adhere to a 1954 decree with regard to the management of their drinking water reservoirs. With the overfilling of New York City reservoirs in our area being a cause of flooding, which results in property damage along the Delaware River – private, public and resort – the commissioners issued the resolution in order to petition the Supreme Court of the United States to compel the city to adhere to the aforementioned decree with better management practices. Such compulsions will help to “mitigate flooding situations for the property owners and businesses of Pike County.”
Courthouse annex
Ebbert, an outspoken opponent to the county's courthouse project, spoke of his background with Apple and Microsoft in making various programs more efficient. He said he had new plans that he had drawn up and showed to various architects in New York and Philadelphia that would improve both the look and the efficiency of the new courthouse expansion. He asked the commissioners if they would be willing to take a look at it. Wagner said that they were already sending the plans to the Architectural Review Board and the Borough Council, and that is where Ebbert needed to be going with his questions and suggestions. Caridi added that they would indeed be willing to look at the plans, as he had said many times that the county was always willing to see what people had to say and suggestions concerning the proposed court project.
A gift for Habitat
Commissioner Rich Caridi presented a check to Pastor Niels Nilesen who was there to speak about the wonderful work being performed by Habitat for Humanity. Caridi pointed out that the money did not “come from taxpayers.” The $100,000 check came out of affordable housing funds designated by Act 137, which garners its resources when deeds are recorded.
Bids awarded and considered
Commissioners awarded a bid ($2331.99) for a used county vehicle (2002 Ford Econoline Club Van) to JerseyOne Auto, the appointment of Bill Kerstetter and Peter Wulfhorst to the NEPA Alliance Board of Directors (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015) and the execution of a contract with Pioneer Construction Company for the Milford Borough Parking Lot Project.
Letters of interest were opened from seven companies concerning the local bridge inspection program. One of the bids received was from the county's engineers, McGoey, Hauser and Edsall. Therefore, the letters will be reviewed by county solicitor Thomas Farley and county clerk Gary Orben, and the issue was tabled until the June 4 commissioner meeting.
Next meeting
The next regular meeting of the Pike County Commissioners will be held April 16 at 9 a.m. in the county Administration building in Milford Borough.
Also see related story on resolutions the commissioners have taken to raise awareness of challenges in the community.

The Zane Grey Fishing Derby is “catch and release” competition in honor of Grey's penchant to catch, measure and release the fish he caught when he lived in the area. In addition to be a great fisherman, Grey is known as the Father of the Western Novel, having written "Riders of the Purple Sage" and many other beloved westerns.

The derby runs from April 12 through July 6. Participants in the derby are encouraged to pick up measuring sheets at the Columns Museum or the Administration building in Milford, catch their fish, take a photo of it and then release their catch back into the waters. The photo can then be emailed to Lori Strelecki at pikemuse@ptd.net.

Wooden fish cutouts can also be picked up at the museum so that local artists of all ages can paint the fish (both sides preferably, according to Strelecki) and return them for display.

Commissioner Rich Caridi said that since Lily Pond was still frozen, the commissioners' derby, usually held on the first day of the season — which is April 12 this year — will be postponed. The date will be announced.

Commissioner Karl Wagner said wildlife personnel had to cut holes in the lake in order to stock it this year.

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