Westfall may leave, and weaken, the police force that protects the school

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  • Officers from the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department train to be prepared in the event of a school shooting. (Photo: eprpd.org)

To the Editor:

To all Matamoras and Westfall residents, be aware that Westfall Town Supervisors Ray Banach, Larry Flansberg and Jerry Dotey voted Monday night at the monthly meeting of the Westfall Township Supervisors to send a letter to the Matamoras Boro Council asking that Westfall Township be removed from the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department. (Supervisor Bob Melvin was not present at this meeting to vote and Supervisor Lester Buchanan voted against this.) It is estimated that the costs for the township to pull out of the regionalization will equal roughly the amount that it would cost for us to stay in for another five years. Five years!

The truly sad and shameful part of this is the way that this vote was held. It was not on the agenda for last night's meeting and after all things that were on the agenda were discussed, the board stated that they were going into executive session to discuss litigation and personnel matters. No mention was made that this vote would follow the executive session! This was an underhanded way to hold this vote when essentially most, if not all, township residents had left the meeting, thinking that nothing further would be discussed or voted upon.

Why did the supervisors do this? Even if, by some small chance, something pressing came up in executive session that led to this vote, there is no reason why this couldn't have been tabled until next month's scheduled supervisor's meeting.

Why are these supervisors trying so damn hard to do away with this township's much needed police department? They cite money issues, yet spend money foolishly on other things. It was brought up last night to sell a leaf vacuum that was purchased in anticipation of a leaf burning ordinance, which never happened. Now, we will likely lose money on the sale of this equipment. (Kind of putting the cart before the horse.)

We spent money to fix a road in this township which doesn't have a single residence in it (Firetower Road), yet they want to abandon Pond Drive, which has multiple homes on it. (The supervisors will tell you that fixing Firetower was free, but that is a misleading statement. The material was donated by Milford Borough when they redid the main street in town, but it still cost us in man hours and equipment.)

When does it stop? We had a kidnapping and attempted rape in this town just last month! We have numerous big box stores, numerous motor vehicle accidents, large amounts of traffic, and the list goes on and on. Time for the residents of this town to stand up and say "no more." The next meeting of the supervisors is Monday, June 2, at the Westfall Township Municipal Building, located on Delaware Drive. Come out and tell your supervisors what you think of the way they are playing with our safety. Pass this to everyone you know in Westfall Township before it's too late.

State police coverage response time, including our Delaware Valley school district, is projected to be over an hour. Can you handle that if something goes wrong at your house?

Thanks for supporting the Eastern Pike Police Department and the wonderful officers they employ. How many officers will be out of work when this is over? Makes no sense. Also, the grant money used to pay for equipment (police cars, etc.) — will that need to be paid back? It will, and should also financially fall on the township pulling out of the agreement.

Chuck Pranski


Editor’s note: The final paragraph was not written by Chuck Pranski but by another member of the Facebook site: Community Action Against Crime-Matamoras/Westfall.

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