Skip Gregory's historic photos to grace meeting hall

Lorraine Gregory presents glimpses of Milford's past to borough council

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  • Milford Borough President Patrick Beck holds up a photograph as Lorraine Gregory makes her presentation (Photo by Frances Ruth Harris)

  • Historical photos from the collection of Randolph "Skip" Gregory will hang in the borough meeting hall for perpetuity (Photo by Frances Ruth Harris)

  • Historical photos from the collection of Randolph "Skip" Gregory will hang in the borough meeting hall for perpetuity (Photo by Frances Ruth Harris)

In other borough news

Toxic ball park — Resident Louis Theodore presented his research on the toxic contaminant used to soak up water at the Third Street ball park in Milford. He told the Courier that he doubted the carcinogenic material was deliberately used. He said his concern is that a thousand pounds of the material is still on the ball field. Council member Annette Haar , who heads the parks, trees and recreation committee in the borough, said that the material will not be used again.
Riverside massages — Massage therapist Elaine Levy asked the Milford Borough Council for an “open air” permit to offer “something new”: treatments along the section of river closest to town. That way, massages "would incorporate the peaceful sounds of the river into everyone’s treatment," she said. The council said it lacked the authority to grant her request. Some said it would be no different from having a picnic, others said she should not be operating a business on public land, while still others wished her well and said they probably didn’t need to be informed about her intentions. Officials said the National Park Service would deny access if her plan involved entering the water.Levy said she would not be going into the river itself, merely using the land closest to the borough.
Urban chickens — Mayor Sean Strub received several enthusiastic responses to his proposal for urban chickens in the borough. Terri Bonte told the Courier her landlord doesn’t allow pets, but that she’d like to keep chickens. Sue Novak said she attended the meeting solely to support the idea. She told the Courier that wants three chickens on her property.

By Frances Ruth Harris

— Sixteen framed photographs offering insight into Milford's history will be hung in borough hall.

Lorraine Gregory presented historical photos from the collection of her late husband, Randolph "Skip" Gregory, to the borough council at its July 11 meeting. The project began last fall, when Joe Casmus, then a borough councilman, asked that Skip's photos be displayed on the meeting room wall.

Skip, a former borough mayor who died last month, and Lorraine, his wife, made selections from Skip’s postcard collection, his collection of photos from his JA Myer’s family collection, and photos from their historic Christmas card collection. Lorraine said the Print Shop of Milford gave “great help and support” by enlarging the items and framing them.

Skip unveiled the first photograph at the Nov. 25 borough hall meeting.

Lorraine commented on a couple of the photographs Monday.

“The first Church of Good Shepherd, The Episcopal Church across the street on the corner of Fifth and Catharine Street, laid its corner stone in June of 1871, holding its first service in the new building in June of 1872," she said. "On Sept. 28, 1913, the 43-year-old wooden building burned. The resident Episcopalians replaced the wooden building with a stone structure which was completed in 1924, 102 years ago."

A photo taken by Vera Myer showed the dedication of the War Monument at 501 Broad Street.

"Pictured is August Kiel, known as the ‘Marble King,’ who donated the marble," said Lorraine. "Governor Gifford Pinchot served as Master of Ceremonies of the dedication held on July 4, 1931, 85 years ago. Pictured on the left is Raymond Orben Sr. as a young boy, probably about eight years old. Ray, a Milford native, graduated Milford High School, Class of 1941. He served in World War II, returned home from the service, and worked in the Milford Post Office, becoming postmaster. Ray, elected mayor of Milford in 1989, served three terms as mayor until 200l."

Lorraine thanked everyone for the opportunity to make her presentation of Skip's historical treasures.

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