'Horror drama' premieres at Milford Theatre Friday

DV grads become filmmakers: They want to keep Milford supplied with great original films all year-round

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  • Everett Lauster (left) and Christian Fescine (Photo by Anya Tikka)

  • Christian Fescine (left) and Everett Lauster (Photo by Anya Tikka)

By Anya Tikka

— Everett Lauster and Christian Fescine, a new filmmaking duo, will premier their new film production at the Milford Theatre on Friday, June 16, at 8 p.m.

“It’s kind of horror drama,” explained Lauster. “It’s easier for people to get into.”

The screening includes “Half Seas Open” and several shorter pieces created in less than a year with a budget of “nothing," they said. But they're sure they’ll get backers to help them in future endeavors — which they already starting.

“We want to show this is what we can do with no budget," said Fescine. "Imagine what we could do if we did have a budget!”

The idea for their company Pop Films started with the duo's creative writing flair. Their collaboration led first to shooting short pieces that could be done in one day. “Half Seas Open was filmed in one month in December. The actual show on Friday will take about an hour.

The pair has already uploaded several films to youtube.com. But they want wider exposure to attract both backers and new volunteers with the film and art event.

All the filming was with the help of volunteers, mostly friends. More are needed.

“We’re looking for people who want to act of all ages, 18 to 30 and 60,” Lauster said with a smile.

Lauster and Fescine knew each other from their Delaware Valley High School days. They graduated in 2009. But they didn’t team up to produce film until very recently.

“Jerry Beaver let us have the theater for five hours, so we also wanted to have other area artists involved,” said Lauster of the owner.

Once the filmmakers knew they had the theater for five hours, an idea started to develop. Include an art exhibit featuring local talent to get more people involved. Showing and selling their work will be Jessica Gillespie, Edna Gonzalez Rothenberg, Rena Hottinger, Jesse Clemente, Rick Weber, and Shane Dittsworth (the third member of Pop Films, in charge of technical stuff, make-up and other special effects). “This is our version of the Black Bear Film Festival,” said Fescine, referring to the big annual festival held in the borough every fall. They plan to participate in Black Bear but also want to ply the community with original films year-round.

While the show starts at 8, the artists and their work will be available for viewing from 6:30 p.m. outside the theater.

Admission is $5, cash only.

“We'll have the theater for a few hours and are working on expanding the night and bringing out all of Milford's artists and creative minds,” Lauster said.

For more information or to volunteer, email chris.dodfilms@gmail.com.

“We’re looking for people who want to act of all ages, 18 to 30 and 60.”
Everett Lauster

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