To the Editor:

An article by Mark Levy of the Associated Press titled "Pennsylvania explores new territory in budget fight" begins by telling the reader that Governor Wolf is trying to assemble a package to balance the State's budget. It continues relaying many of the challenges the budget and the Governor are facing. The part of the article that really made my blood boil was, "The fight took on bare-knuckled political tones when Scott Wagner, a Republican state senator running for governor, told a crowd last month that he had urged the House Appropriations Committee chairman to block a Marcellus Shale tax to hurt Wolf’s re-election chances."

I find it deplorable that our state senator Scott Wagner would behave as our senators in Washington, D.C., are behaving: putting their ability to be elected before the needs of their constituents. Washington is a total mess with a President undoing our country by executive orders because neither party in either house are able to work together. Personal agendas are more important than the country’s needs. Mr. Wagner is doing the same thing just to be elected governor.

We, the citizens are allowing all of this to happen and getting what we deserve. Too many people don't vote. Many who do vote party line not on candidate’s merit. We are not getting involved or speaking up and letting our legislatures know what is important to us. As a country we are unraveling. I do not believe we are looked upon as the strong country we once were.

I hope those sitting in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C., begin to make decisions based on what is right not based on party line, not on their ability to be re-elected, but on that which is logically good for their constituents.

Marcia Guberman