Now is the time for Sean Strub as mayor

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To the Editor:

Sean Strub frequently quotes the late Dick Snyder, “A small town must be proactive to sustain its quality of life. A small town is either growing or degrading.” Milford is now trending towards greater vibrancy and Sean Strub is one reason why. His long-standing commitment to our community includes 20 years work with the Milord Enhancement Committee improving our sidewalks and public spaces. Now is the time for Sean to continue as Mayor because there is amazing untapped potential for our Milford Borough.

I worked closely with Sean during my recent tenure as Council President and I want to let others know why I pledge my steadfast support for him as Mayor.

Sean is exceptionally driven, as evidenced by his successful hospitality enterprise here in the borough that many of us enjoy. He brings this same level of commitment to his public service. I was impressed with his attention to detail — and I mean detail — when it comes to attention to borough issues. I would frequently get calls and emails well into the night from Sean, always with the best interests of the borough in mind, frequently with suggestions for saving tax money or improving some part of our government process.

Sean is no figurehead mayor. He digs deep to resolve issues, including ones that have been overlooked for decades, such as opening accessways to connect the Borough to the Delaware River and National Park, renegotiating the Borough’s contract with Blue Ridge Cable (which dates from 1973!) and diplomatically addressing the lingering history and feelings between the Lenni-Lenape tribe and the legacy of Tom Quick within the Borough.

In the Milford Police Department, Sean has worked closely with Chief DaSilva and Assistant Chief Pinzone to raise expectations and efficiencies to improve policing in Milford. This is a big job to do it right. For example, when we were told that it is “impossible” to recruit new police officers for Milford, Sean stepped in and led that effort to get the department fully staffed. “Impossible” is not in Sean’s vocabulary.

Sean frequently challenges the Council, suggesting innovative ways to resolve issues. He is always on the lookout for programs and grants that could benefit Milford, including coordinating the application processes and even writing the grants himself. It’s important that Sean’s resourcefulness continues on our behalf.

Please get to know Sean’s accomplishments, viewpoints and objectives. I’m hearing murmurs of inaccurate information on the streets. Sean DOES have an agenda and that agenda is clear: to keep Milford safe and vibrant. Often this requires navigating through complex issues with diverse stakeholders. Sean has proven that he is skilled at bringing the community together, and he does it genuinely for the best of Milford.

Sean is also remarkably accessible and responsive. You’ll see in his Facebook videos that he provides his cell phone number and email address. He wants to hear from Milford residents. Anyone who has contacted Sean knows that he is super responsive. He has your best interests in mind.

I know Nick May and he is a wonderful, personable young man. Nick has "mayor" in his lineage and I’m confident that one day he will serve in that role for the Borough. Now at this time, however, the Borough needs a driven forward-thinking Mayor that is active throughout our Milford community AND reaches well beyond our boundaries to bring new investment and acclaim into our corner of PA.

As a borough property owner, I want my investment to grow within a vibrant borough environment. Sean Strub has proven that he can drive that vibrancy. Your vote for Sean as Mayor will assure that continues.

Patrick Beck (former Milford Council President)


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