PA voters say 'yes' to eliminating homeowners’ property taxes
Now for the sticking point: How to replace that revenue

(AP) Voters Tuesday said "yes" to a ballot question asking if they are serious about property tax elimination for homeowners.
The proposal, supported by 54 percent of voters, will not directly result in the elimination of residential property taxes. Instead, Berks County House Republican David Maloney, sponsor of the referendum, says it would change the Pennsylvania Constitution to permit school districts and other local jurisdictions to do it.
Maloney acknowledges that revenue will have to be replaced.
“I do believe the pressure is on, people would like to save their homes,” he said before the vote. “And if the school districts do have an option, we could utilize either a 76-type bill or something else.”
Maloney refers to House and Senate bills with the number 76 that would address that alternative funding.
It should be noted that for years there has been no shortage of will to reduce property taxes in the legislature. But there has been a shortage of agreement on how to replace them.