Commissioners discuss fair housing, block grants

Pike County Commissioners (Photo by Anya Tikka)

By Anya Tikka
MILFORD — Pike County Commissioners recently adopted some resolutions, including the guarantee of fair housing, against any discrimination.
Another resolution established goals for minimum participation by minority and women’s business enterprises, at a rate of 3 percent of all housing and community development grants received by the county.
Robert Ruiz was designated the fair housing officer, and a fair housing complaint procedure was put in place. Complaints may be made at the county administration building.
The commissioners also discussed their annual application for a Community Development Block Grant, which usually amounts to around a quarter million dollars.
They approved a three-year plan for the 2017 block grants, with Gary R. Orben appointed Section 504 Officer. His duties are to include compliance record keeping, maintenance, and transition planning in accordance with the grant.
The actual filing for the grant was also approved.
Dr. Martin Brotter of Martin Brotter Consulting Services, who’s been a consultant to Pike County on the community development program for the county for more than ten years, came to the meeting to talk about the plans.