National Weather Service to lower Delaware flood levels
The river at Matamoras doesn't have to rise as high to qualify as a flood

MILFORD — Starting at noon on Aug. 6, the National Weather Service will change the moderate and major flood category stages on the Delaware, for the stream gauge at Matamoras/Port Jervis.
Douglas Butts Jr., meteorologist-in-charge at the Weather Forecast Office in Binghamton, N.Y., said flood warnings and other statements on water levels will reference the new category levels, which have been lowered by several feet.
This change is part of a recent re-evaluation of the floodplain by local emergency, and floodplain management officials, he said. These changes will put future flooding in a more historically appropriate context according to National Weather Service flood definitions.
The new flood categories will be as follows:
Moderate flood stage becomes 20 feet above gauge zero. The previous moderate flood stage was 24 feet above gauge zero.
Major flood stage becomes 21.5 feet above gauge zero. The Previous major flood stage was 27 feet above gauge zero.
The National Weather Service welcomes public feedback. Contact Butts with questions or comments on this change at 607-770-9531 ext. 222 or douglas.Butts@noaa.Gov.
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