Pike ranks second in PA for population with highest net worth

In a recent study, financial technology company SmartAsset set out to find the places in the country where people have the highest net worth. Pike County ranked second in Pennsylvania (see chart above). SmartAsset calculated the ratio of net worth to per capita income for every county in the U.S., which gives insight into how much people have saved or invested relative to their income level. It also calculated the ratio of net worth to debt per capita, which incorporates a view of each county's debt burden relative to net worth. Finally, the company indexed each factor and calculated an overall index by taking a weighted average of each of these indices. The net worth-to-income index was given a weight of two, and the net worth-to-debt index was given a weight of one. For more information on the study visit smartadvisormatch.com/data/places-with-the-highest-net-worth/pennsylvania.