Second-graders learn math and science in a festive way

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  • Mrs. Connell’s class discovers, to their surprise, that the pumpkin floats. (Photo by Peg Snure)

  • Mrs. Connell takes her class’s predictions on the pumpkin weight (Photo by Peg Snure)

  • Adam Pol make his pumpkin predictions (Photo by Peg Snure)

— Students from Mrs. Connell’s second-grade class at Delaware Valley Elementary School (DVES) learned about measurements in a fun way.

They learned estimating, making predictions, weight, circumference, and buoyancy through measuring a large pumpkin. The children came up with creative ways to measure the pumpkin’s circumference, as they only had a ruler. They decided to use a piece of string, then measured the string.

When the children wrote their estimates, they then wrote the actual amounts once the pumpkin was weighed.

Once outdoors, the children predicted whether the pumpkin would float in water or sink. Most students felt it would sink. They were very surprised to find it floated! They learned that the hollow space inside the pumpkin allows it to float.

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