With thanks to the volunteers at Grey Towers

Melody Remillard and Nancy Duvinski (Photo by Linda Fields)

By Linda Fields
MILFORD — The mansion at Grey Towers National Historic Site is dazzling with Christmas decorations, and the public had an opportunity to visit all three floors with twice daily tours earlier this month.
“This is to thank the many volunteers — not only members of the Heritage Association but also those who help give tours and work in the gift shop," said Melody Remillard, Grey Towers Visitor Information Specialist, about a special open house and kick-off especially for the volunteers and partners who help make the Grey Towers events possible all year long.
"The Milford Garden Club and others have been decorating, and the mansion looks fantastic," said director Bill Dauer.
Grey Towers Heritage Association President Nancy Duvinski underscored the importance of two key projects at Grey Towers: the restoration of the fire tower and the Laurel Hill Cemetery project. Information on both projects is on display at the mansion.
Grey Towers also serves as a conference facility for various forest service personnel, other natural resource groups and visiting scholars from all over the country. They often bring their group’s “ornaments” in the form of insignia, badges, and patches, which decorate a tree inside the mansion that stays up all year.
The grounds are open from sun-up until sun-down year round. Please note that vehicle access to the site is available 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. daily, Memorial Day Weekend – October 31, and 9:00-4:30 the remainder of the year.
Grey Towers is located at 122 Old Owego Turnpike in Milford. The grounds are open from sun-up until sun-down, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., until Memorial Day Weekend, when tours of the mansion begin again. For more information call 570-296-9630.