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To the Editor:

Is it your policy to not allow posted comments that are politically right leaning which is obviously not the views/opinion of this obvious Liberal newspaper?

Guaranteed you post any comment or letter to the editor that bashes Trump or Republicans while continuing to squash any dissenting opinion from the right. And don’t say that is not true because again it would show your hypocrisy and false statements.

No need to answer cause your paper will obviously not change. Especially with your obvious disdain of our POTUS and the Republican party. Isn’t this town run by a majority of Republicans?

Thanks for representing ALL of our towns constituents. NOT!

Michael Schreibnut

Proudly serving in Iraq for the right of your paper to remain ignorant and one sided.

Editor's note: The Pike County Courier is happy to publish letters of all political stripes and includes every letter we receive, including those in support of President Trump during his campaign and those in support of Republicans running in this year's midterms. Write more letters, encourage those who share your views to write us, and they will appear in the Courier. Send letters to

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