North wins against DV in thriller varsity basketball

In junior varsity game, DV plays tight defense with finesse

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  • North Pocono vs. Delaware Valley in varsity basketball last Friday (Photo by Ken Hubeny)

  • North Pocono vs. Delaware Valley in varsity basketball last Friday (Photo by Ken Hubeny)

  • North Pocono vs. Delaware Valley in junior varsity basketball last Friday (Photo by Ken Hubeny)

  • North Pocono vs. Delaware Valley in junior varsity basketball last Friday (Photo by Ken Hubeny)

By Ken Hubeny

MILFORD — So it was Friday, Jan. 11, and North Pocono came to visit Delaware Valley Junior Varsity and Varsity.

JV was up first.

It seems like every school in our area bases their game on defence, hence low-scoring games.

DV plays tight defense too, but they do it with finesse. It is pleasurable to watch, although I come from the run-and-gun days of the late '60s in New Jersey.

Not all teams are quite as focused on finesse as DV North Pocono was an example of that. At times it seemed like a rugby game getting ready to break into a hockey match.

That being said, in the first half DV looked good. First period had DV on top 11-7, then up 17-11 at the half. I thought that if DV didn't answer back, undergoing such a mugging, then they would eventually lose this game.

At one point the DV coach talked to the refs and said: You are calling this game loose. Okay, you're letting the kids play. Remember, though, that has to go both ways.

Well it didn't. It got worse in the third period, and North closed the gap to end the quarter with DV still up 25-23.

Fourth period, and one of the DV players returned some of the physical play, and a North player didn't respond well. Another North player put his arm around his neck and pulled him to the bench. DV was called for a technical, unsportsmanlike conduct.

Oh well. North started hitting their baskets, and DV started missing theirs.

The final score was North 44, DV 36.

VarsityNext up was the varsity.

If you were a high school basketball purist, and you were from out of the area and decided to watch the game, it would have been one for the ages. You would have become a local high school basketball fan. So here it goes.

North's starting 5 was a freshman, 3 sophomores and one junior. Hmm, I thought that youth and inexperience on the North side would really play to DV's favor. Whereas both of these teams did indeed play tough defence, it wasn't quite as rough as the JV game.

The young kids on the North team were very good shooters, well disciplined, and handled the ball well. I was amazed watching as they took a 19-10 lead to close the first period.

At times in the second period it seemed like it was going to become more of a play ground game like the JV game. But it managed to finish up without any major incident, and North held the lead at the half at 31-22.

The third period saw DV close the gap to 42-37 at the close of the third period.

Final period coming up: DV keeps closing the gap only to fall back again. It looked like the DV come-from-behind magic might work here, but they would slip back behind 8 or 10 points.

North is a very good shooting team and remained consistent, and DV ran hot and cold.

Then, with just several minutes left, the DV Cardiac kids closed to with in 2. Wait now, are we about to see a come back here? Finally, with about 30 seconds left, DV works its way down court and ties it up with about 7 seconds left.

North works back down the court with DV in full defense mode. North gets a player near the basket: the shot leaves his hand just a millisecond before the buzzer and goes in.

North wins in an absolute thriller 53-51.

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