Chili challenge keeps the chills at bay

Joanne and Regan May

By Frances Ruth Harris
MILFORD — A frigid day brought people of all ages under the warming influence of the Mac 'n Chili Challenge.
They gathered inside St. Patrick's Church Hall last Saturday to sample and vote for their favorite mac 'n cheese and their favorite chili — all for a $5 donation. Proceeds will benefit the Milford Borough Recreation Committee and the Ann Street Park ice-skating rink.
The dishes were made by families and chefs alike. They washed it all down with craft beers Log Tavern Brewery, Shawnee Craft, and Here and Now from Honesdale — which sold out!
So, which recipes did the taste-tasters like best? Here they are:
Winners, mac: First place: Justin Frable
Second place: Dimmock Inn
Third place: Danny Drake
Winners, Chili:First place: Kurt Brink
Second place: Dimmick Inn

ContestantsThose entering the contest included:
Bernice Williams, mac and chili
Jason Lyons, mac and chili
Kurt Brink, chili
Kim Hart, chili
Suzanne Whitnick, mac
Danny Drake, mac
Ken Baumel, chili
Justin Frable, mac
Mike O'Keefe, chili
Joe Caloger, chili (turkey)
Dimmick Inn, mac, chili
Milford Diner, mac
Apple Valley, mac, chili
Key Foods, mac
Hotel Fauchere, chili