Give me a C-H-E-E-R!

Delaware Valley Elementary School’s two DVE-News/TV reporters were on DVE-TV’s morning program promoting the Tri-State Cheer Challenge at the Delaware Valley High School. Vicely Cepeda and Marilyn Ross spoke about their PAYAL Junior Rec competition cheer team. The girls explained that competition cheer has tumbling, stunting and cheering. They have two and a half minutes to perform, and since there are no time-outs, they cannot make a mistake! Vicely is the flyer in the stunts and Marilyn is the back spot and a base for a shoulder sit. The competition was Sunday, Jan. 27. The girls team did wonderfully and placed second for their division. Great job girls! From left: Vicely Cepeda and Marilyn Ross on DVE-TV. (Photo by Peg Snure)