DVES reporters interview owner of Richard’s Military PX

Tom Faggione talks about his best-sellers, personal favorites, and legislative work

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  • From left: Gurshaan Singh, Taylor Spears, Mr. Faggione, Dr. Bell, Brielle Spears, and Jeremiah Segal (Photo by Peg Snure)

  • From left: Mr. Faggione, Jeremiah Segal, Taylor Spears and look at a picture of an astronaut wearing a T-Bone Designs embroidered baseball cap.(Photo by Peg Snure)

  • Mr. Faggione showed us all how to embroider our DVE-News/TV red shirts (Photo by Peg Snure)

  • Mr. Faggione showed us all how to embroider our DVE-News/TV red shirts (Photo by Peg Snure)

  • From left: Mr. Faggione, Gurshaan Singh, Taylor Spears, Brielle Spears, Jeremiah Segal, and Dr. Bell (Photo provided)

  • Back (from left): Mr. Tom Faggione and Dr. John Bell; front: Gurshaan Singh, Taylor Spears, Brielle Spears, and Jeremiah Segal (Photo by Peg Snure)

BY DVES-News/TV reporters

On one cold, rainy day, DVE-News/TV reporters headed off to interview Mr. Faggione at Richard’s Military PX.

It was warm inside. Taylor started off by asking Mr. Faggione what interested him in embroidering items instead of just screen printing them. He said screen printing doesn’t stay on as long and can chip off. He feels embroidery can last longer than the actual shirt. When asked how he sets up the design of the embroidery, he does it on a computer. The embroiderer stitches at a rate of 730 stitches a minute.

Jeremiah then asked him what other items he embroiders besides shirts, and he responded that they embroider hats and jackets. They can embroider on cotton, wool, sweatshirts, and heavy jackets. He was also asked if any customers asked him to design a logo for them. He said the Port Jervis school asked him to design the logo and DVE-News/TV also asked him to design a new logo 15 years ago. It takes about 11 minutes to embroider one of our DVE-News/TV red shirts.

The most challenging logos are the ones with the most artistic details. The shirt for his store is very intricate and was hard to design. His favorite logo is the Port Jervis school logo. He was also very proud to design the National Little League logo for Dr. Bell.

Taylor asked what the most favorite item to purchase is at his store. It is the Navy ship baseball cap. It is also his bestselling item.

Gurshaan spoke with Mr. Faggione about the start of his business. It opened over 40 years ago. They bought their first embroidery machine 30 years ago. The embroidery business name of T-Bone Design came about because his friends nicknamed him T-Bone.

Making memorabiliaHis favorite part of his job is making the military memorabilia. When veterans receive their T-Bone Designs order with the customized military hats and memorabilia, they become sentimental as they recall their days being 18 years old in the military. He truly enjoys making the veterans happy. He has been embroidering the DVE-News/TV reporter T-shirts for over 20 years, 15 years with the new logo. In his spare time, he enjoys roller hockey, camping, biking, and hiking, and in general, having fun.

Many meetingsBrielle pointed out that he is also an Orange County Legislator for the 13th district. His job responsibilities as legislator are working with the Sheriff, District Attorney and other programs. His territory includes the areas of Port Jervis, Deerpark, and parts of Mount Hope.

His favorite part of being legislator is that he gets to talk to children in the high school about elections and voting for the first time and what to expect when they go. The toughest part is that he has many meetings. He told us he had four meetings between that day and the next evening! He shared that his proudest moment is that he once embroidered astronauts’ caps that went on a space shuttle and all the astronauts signed one for him.

Dr. John Bell, DV superintendent of schools, also joined us and told us that he and Mr. Faggione are the best of friends and met when Dr. Bell was an assistant coach and Mr. Faggione was in ninth grade.

Once the interview was over, Mr. Faggione showed us all how to embroider our DVE-News/TV red shirts. He gave us all American flags and gave us the embroidery template square for our programs logo.

We will be back to stop in to Richards Military PX and T-Bone Designs!

By DVES-News/TV reporters at Delaware Valley Elementary School — Jeremiah Segal, Gurshaan Singh, Brielle Spears, and Taylor Spears.

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