Bridging the gap between poverty and stability through the Getting Ahead Program

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Once again, my staff and I provided and served dinner for the families taking part in Pocono Alliance’s “Getting Ahead” program.
Pocono Alliance is taking the lead in our community by offering their Bridges Out of Poverty Program, which is comprised two subprograms “Getting Ahead” and “Staying Ahead.”
The “Getting Ahead” program helps participants by identifying the causes of poverty, the hidden rules of economic class, and the resources needed for a better quality of life. The program helps people make plans and accomplish their goals as they move from poverty to self-sufficiency.
“Staying Ahead” is a program for motivated graduates offering resource-based support as clients establish their goals to achieve self-sufficiency. Support includes educational workshops on each of the resources identified in the Getting Ahead class, as well as encouragement toward the achievement of established goals.
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PA Rep. Rosemary Brown
East Stroudsburg