Letter is filled with divisive and discriminatory rhetoric

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To the Editor:

Right of response to a letter to the editor titled "Lots of misinformed questions to Congressman Cartwright's town hall" written by the Delaware Valley Democratic Club.

I am disturbed that such hateful letter was even printed in the Pike County Courier.

The Delaware Valley Democratic Club, or whoever hides behind this name called a lot people in the town hall audience with such slanderous names as "Moonies," "gun loving nationalists," asking "misinformed Fox news questions," "wanting to eliminate gun free zones everywhere," "wanting to build a wall to stop an invasion by immigrants," etc. etc.

The writer of this letter then declared that he and people like him are the target of the people he describes above.


I did not know that name calling, discriminatory statements, no facts but just hate to describe fellow Americans attending their congressman's town hall was enough to get published by your newspaper unless you support such divisive rhetoric.

By the way, what is the opposite of a "gun loving nationalist"? "A gun hating anti American?"

I would recommend the Delaware Valley Democratic Club to read "Mass shootings happened in gun free zones 97.8 percent of the time" (concealednation.org) in order to inform themselves.

Pierre Tardy


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