A.H. Verge writes book, launches tea company with links to his Abenaki heritage
Shohola author has a passion for his native American ancestry

A.H. Verge (Photo provided)

SHOHOLA — A.H. Verge is passionate about his native American ancestry. It’s so important to him that he wrote a book and founded a tea company with connections to his Abenaki heritage. The Abenaki tribe lives in Quebec, Canada, and New England in the United States.
In August, Verge’s latest book, “The Little Englishman,” was released.
The Little Englishman was a privileged young boy living a protected and prosperous life in 1850s England when his world was suddenly turned upside down. He was thrust into a life of danger, terror, and adventure when he was kidnapped aboard a ship and forced to sail to the New World (Quebec, Canada) at the age of 7.
He learned how to survive by using his wits and discovering that there were friends to help him along the way. This is his story of personal endurance, aboard a ship at sea, living on the streets of Quebec, and getting kidnapped by the Abenaki Indians in the forest.
After being given to a medicine woman as her helper, he learned the ways of gathering herbs and healing. His life changed in so many ways that would never have been possible if it hadn't been for a chance encounter that fateful day in England.
"Every family has a story to be told," said Verge. "You never know which one is waiting to change the world."
One person who left a review on Amazon said, “First, let me say I have found an unexpected treasure of a story that you do not see too often in today’s literature world. From start to finish, I see the world through a naive and innocent boy that was forced to mature too quickly. I followed him from England to the new world of Quebec, Canada. The dangers and obstacles that he goes through were both nerve-wracking and heartbreaking. No matter what I see, this character succeeds and overcomes his troubles one way or another. I highly recommend this book to any history lovers and young adventure seekers. You can see the changes with the main character as you read the story.”
A venerable recipeVerge also founded Tego Tea Company in 2015. This is a tea from a recipe handed down through his family from his great-great-grandfather, who learned of it from his Abenaki captors. This tea has been examined by pharmaceutical companies for its ability to help lower and stabilize blood sugar for those with type 2 diabetes. This tea has been referred to as a “diabetic miracle” by customers.
“We have not only utilized the original recipes by the Abenaki but have improved upon some of them. Through other family members, my ancestral heritage was discovered and realized that I, in fact, was of Abenaki origins,” said Verge.
Verge is a natural born storyteller. His favorite subjects are based on true events and how they affect those involved in the occurrences happening around them. Like the histories of his native Abenaki ancestors, he brings you into the center of the story, and he talks from his personal point of view at the age when it occurred. Verge was born on a dairy farm in Westfield, Vermonth. He currently lives in Shohola with his wife and daughters.
He is also the author of the best-selling book “Nightmare in the Woods.”
For more information about Verge, or to purchase the book, visit ahverge.com.
For more information about Tego Tea Company, visit tegotea.com.