We need to ban all trains planes and automobiles

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To the Editor:

Stop the presses..We need to ban all trains planes and automobiles.

To those of you who think the environment is the sole duty of the United States, maybe you should live in China where they have no restrictions on pollution, but I guess if we go green we will save the United States and the rest of the world even though the bulk of the pollution does not come from the United States. This is the main trouble with us misguided fools we are crying wolf while every other country is just fighting wars. The United States has cut down on carbon emissions, have started to use solar and wind power, But now it's time to get rid of all the planes, trains and filthy automobiles — and while we're at it we need to do something about those stinky cows, the rapid change in the climate is not due to anything man made, it is the progression of life, or non-life.

By the time the world grows cold human beings will have colonized other planets. Is that a given. No it isn't but much of the world does not work in absolutes like the world will end in 12 years if we don't do something about it. HMMMMM!! What famous socialist said that I wonder, and to the person or persons who disagree with Fox News you need to open your eyes and watch MSNBC or CNN where you get a steady stream of lies night and day but that's OK. Probably many of you are not even familiar with George Orwell's "1984' or "Animal Farm," where right is left and up is really down.

I would assume many of the younger generation would say HUH? WHO DAT. I think many of you are just jealous that we now have a president who has chosen to tackle the tough problems instead of giving lip service to all the problems...the border, climate change, North Korea, Iran and every other problem. I know many of you hate Trump. I for one do not, However I abhor the press, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and every other liberal trying to halt progress. Anybody here watch the hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brent Kavanaugh where they tried to destroy that evil man.

Nowadays the U.S. is changing from a country where you are innocent until proven guilty to you're automatically guilty as charged and then you need to prove your innocence. HMMMM. They do that in countries run by dictators like North Korea, Venezuela, and Russia. Wake up people.

Joe Guerra


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