Let the people decide whether to change Milford Township's zoning

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To the Editor:

Speaking only for myself, though public comments and testimony indicate that many in Milford Township share my views, it seems that a broad and irreversible decision to alter forever Milford Township's zoning in favor of development should not be cast upon a few supervisors and planners, no matter how presumably good their intentions regarding the township. That decision should be made by the residents who will be most affected by it, those who have invested their futures in the present zoning.

Five years ago, for example, I had the opportunity to sell off for development a previously subdivided parcel of my home property. I could at that point have sold out my holdings and gone to live anywhere on the planet that suited my fancy. Instead, I re-aggregated that piece with the land my house is on, undid the subdivision, because I wanted to preserve the forest environment near where I live and work in quiet, a place where it's almost dark at night. I invested in the current zoning, in other words. Probably I'm not the only one who bought or stayed here because they like the way the place looks and sleeps.

Personally, I would feel betrayed by those I voted for were I not allowed the consolation of knowing that permanently changing the environment is a community decision made by me and my neighbors, the people who have invested their lives here in the township, as I did, and are not trying to cash it in.

Leveraging on the township such a sweeping alteration should, by any community standard, be made by the people who will most have to put up with its inconveniences — not forgetting that our supervisors have already nixed the idea of timing the (probably two) new traffic lights so that township residents might be able to drive to Westfall at 25 mph without having all traffic stopped ten times to allow one car to cross the highway at each intersection. Put the measure on a ballot. Let people decide what kind of place they want to live in and bequeath to their kids.

It's the only fair way to do this.

Anthony Splendora

Milford Township

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