Proposed development at Santos Farm is ill-conceived

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To the Editor:

The proposed development at Santos Farm, including possible apartments to provide senior housing, is an unfortunate plan that will have absolutely no benefit to promote the beauty and natural resources of Milford. Generally, seniors have earned their well-deserved retirement, but live on their pensions and social security and are very careful with their spending. This group will not bring a big economic boom to Milford...if they do come at all. Most seniors and retirees that are looking for second residences are looking for warm places as Palm Beach or Palm Springs for winter. It is totally unrealistic to believe that they will be flocking to Milford for a second home.

This plan is ill-conceived. Shat Milford needs is development from companies that will bring top-paying jobs, not more housing with questionable demographics. This plan is a developer's dream, with no benefit for a historic town.

Diane Smith


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