Here are some of my priorities if I'm elected to the DV school board

To the Editor:
On Tuesday, May 21, I would be honored to receive your vote in the primary election for Delaware Valley School Board. As a recent DV graduate, I can provide meaningful insight into important topics and issues faced by our student body. Furthermore, I believe that my fresh perspective, vitality, and collaborative nature will be an exceptional asset to our district.
My specific policy priorities include: improved student-teacher ratio; building upon current anti-bullying initiatives; expanding availability to school-based mental health and substance abuse services; broadening cooperative education opportunities for those electing to pursue a school-to-work transition post-graduation.
In terms of school board governance overall, I want to bolster transparency through increased communication between the school board, taxpayers, parents, teachers and students. As your elected school board official I will seek first to understand the taxpayers, parents, students, and teachers prior to making important decisions. Each perspective is essential and must be taken into consideration for the daily function of our district and to maintain the quality education for which Delaware Valley is known. A fresh perspective on the board can also help identify any unnecessary expenditures of your tax money and find solutions that don't sacrifice the integrity of our educational programs.
I will pursue funds for educational grant opportunities that will lend to innovative learning experiences for students and staff. I will promote efficiency and efficacy in all aspects of Delaware Valley School District operations.
I admire the dedication and diligence of our current school board members. I am eager to join them to further facilitate policies and programs that are fiscally responsible, provide exceptional educational opportunities for our students, and enhance transparency through continuous dialogue.
I look forward to continuing the tradition of DV excellence by serving our community as a member of the Delaware Valley School Board.
John Palmadessa
Dingmans Ferry