Library to hold program on reverse mortgages and estate plans

The program "How a reverse mortage and estate plan improves retirement" will be offered from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Friday, May 31, at the Pike County Public Library, 119 East Harford St., Milford.
It will be presented by Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Home for Hospice.
A reverse mortgage and estate planning are beneficial tools when used correctly. For many seniors, their home is their most valuable asset. Why not access this value to fund retirement?
Additionally, many seniors are not aware that there are other documents beyond a list wills and testaments that make up a complete estate plan. Since your will only controls the assets you own at your death, you also need a separate financial and medical power of attorney to designate who you trust to manage your affairs during life.
This free, informative, no sales, presentation begins the journey to better understanding how a reverse mortgage and a complete estate plan fits into the comprehensive retirement picture. To RSVP call 973-383-0115 ext. 145.