You're invited to Milford’s 2019 Welcome Party
Milford. 'Peace. Love. Milford' theme celebrates 50th anniversary of Woodstock at this annual party, where you'll make new friends and connect with one ones, welcome new neighbors, and invest in the community.

Maureen and Joe Dooley, two of the co-hosts of this year's Welcome Party. (Photo by Marilyn Rosenthal)

By Marilyn Rosenthal
Do you remember Woodstock?
It doesn't matter if you were too young or born too late. Everyone's invited to hear the music of this legendary happening, recreated by Dennis D’Amico and Walt Bibinger at the Milford Welcome Party from 4 to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 15. The venue is West Ann Street, next to the Hoff House, in a huge tent behind Wells Fargo Bank.
The Welcome Party is one of the most enjoyable events in Milford, and “everybody who is anybody will be there.” It’s a great way to make new friends and connect with old friends, welcome new neighbors, and invest in the community.
The party benefits the Milford Enhancement Committee ,which works to protect and enhance Milford’s historic charm, cultural vitality, and beauty. The MEC encourages a strong sense of community, friendship, and civic engagement.
“For 22 years, since its inception, MEC has been funded by grants and has never depended on local tax dollars," said Maryanne Monte, chair of the MEC. "The Welcome Party is our major fundraiser, and its success is critical because it allows us to pay for the necessary design work of the landscape architecture, the sidewalks, the verges, the historic lighting throughout the borough, and of course the permits.”
'Social event of the season'
She says only about 30 or 40 people attended the first Welcome Party.
"Today we expect about 200 people, and the party has become the social event of the season," she said.
The party used to welcome Milford’s snowbirds back from their southern winter escapes, and weekenders returning for the summer season. Now everyone comes to celebrate Milford and its beauty, whether they have lived here forever, or want to meet newcomers; whether they live in other townships and see Milford as the social center of Pike County.
This year the host committee co-chairs are fairly new to the borough. Their team spirit is amazing and infectious. They include Maureen and Joe Dooley, Rainey and Richard McKenna, Meghan and Jason Rosenfeld, Jen and Cory Sloan, and Carissa Rose and John Souza.
They've been meeting every two weeks to work on the logistics — food from local restaurants, beer from local breweries, musical performances, and items for the live auction, which will be conducted by Milford’s own mayor, Sean Strub, the best auctioneer in the county.
Maureen Dooley remarked on “how generous the local businesses have been, and how great it was to be received by them.”
Joe Dooley said, “I gained five pounds sampling some of the terrific food the local restaurants will be contributing.”
The Dooleys and the rest of the committee encourage one and all to break out their tie-dyed shirts and bell bottom pants as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, which was just up the road and across the Delaware River in New York. They want you to celebrate peace and love right here in our beloved little town of Milford.
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