Restauranteurs say nuts to you...and you...and you!

Milford. Sharon and Peter Daniels are using The Fork kitchen to satisfy demand for their famously addictive sweet and spicy nuts, now available in five flavors at a establishment near you.

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  • Sharon Daniels with a jar of her habit-forming sweet and spicy nuts (Photo by Marilyn Rosenthal)

  • Sharon Daniels stirs the nuts (

  • Forkin' Good Nuts comes in five flavors (

"Peter has an amazing palette that guided us as we created additional flavors."
Sharon Daniels

It was at a beer-tasting dinner at The Fork about 10 years ago when Sharon Daniel — former co-owner of the restaurant with husband, Peter — first created their now-famous sweet and spicy peanuts. Customers went “nuts” and wanted more, more, more.

Sharon and Peter soon started serving this tongue-tickling snack as an “amuse bouche” — French for "mouth amuser" — at the bar while their customers waited to be seated. They started asking to buy the nuts to take home or give as gifts. Pretty soon a business was born. The Daniels call it, appropriately, Forkin’ Good Nuts.

“Peter has an amazing palette that guided us as we created additional flavors," Sharon said.

It took about 15 to 25 trials before they settled on a new flavor. Combining their 62 years of passion for flavor, texture, and technique, as a creative chef and pastry chef, respectively, they created five new flavors and are working on the sixth.

The ingredients are all natural. Making them is a very labor-intensive business. Each batch is made by hand in the kitchen of The Fork, which is no longer a restaurant but is used now to make the nuts. It takes 90 minutes just to make, package, and label seven jars. But it is a labor of love.

You can take them home

The nuts are sold in little bags at the bar at the Dimmick Inn in Milford, where Peter is now executive chef. They are sold in attractive mason jars, appropriate for gift giving, in stores both in Pike County and nearby New York State. They are available at The Frisky Goat in Milford, Pa., the Brickhouse Garden Center in Greeley, Pa., Foundry 42 in Port Jervis, N.Y., and the Stickett Inn in Barryville, N.Y. A more complete list can be found on their website, or by contacting Sharon at 570-213-1194 or

The current flavors are:

Original Sweet and Spicy: Their premier flavor is crunchy and sweet with a perfect dash of heat.

Cocoa Coffee Chipotle: Smoky heat with a light touch of cocoa and coffee, and a subtle sweetness.

Curry and Spice: Full-flavored Madras curry with satisfying heat and sweetness.

GochuNuts: Asian-spiced smoky-sweet sun-dried red chili flakes with a medium heat, combined with earthy mushroom, soy, and sesame for a complex flavor.

Simply Sweet: Sugar and spice and everything nice without the heat.

There should be a warning packaged with each jar to let the customers know that they are highly habit forming. Once people start snacking on them, they just can’t stop.

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