Optician Expert Allan Feldstein: Glasses for Children

23 Aug 2018 | 04:42

For starters, children should have high-impact polycarbonate lenses. You may also want to consider getting transition lenses that darken and lighten as they protect your child from dangerous UV radiation.
As far as the frames are concerned, a plastic frame with the wrap around cable temples are recommended. They do two very important things for children. Firstly, most infants have flat bridges on their noses. The cable temples will keep them up closer to their eyes allowing for better vision. Secondly, they also help keeping the glasses on younger children's faces when they are prone to constantly wanting to take them off. If you decide to choose a metal frame, please be aware that there are sharper parts on the frame and nose pads that require replacing on a regular basis. Should these parts not be replaced regularly the frames may break, resulting in jagged metal pieces that may injure the child.
We have a great selection of popular brands including Pez, Jelly Bean, and Modern Optical. Please stop in Milford Opticians to check them out. You may even find a pair of frames for yourself!

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