Hula hooping makes last day a hoot

Jun 25 2019 | 10:05 AM

Students at Delaware Valley Elementary School participated in a hula-hoop contest. The finalists got to compete on the last day of school.
There were two competitions: one for kindergarten through second grade, and one for grades 3 to 5. The participants were so good, they needed to add more mats to the challenge than ever before. While hula hooping, the participants had to climb mats 40 inches tall and get down without the use of their hands!
The winners received a new bicycle donated by the DVES PTA. Also part of the win, the winners get to drive their new bikes down the hallway to the office! Second and third place winners received gift cards.
Great fun!
Kindergarten to grade 2:
First place — Bella Zirelli
Second place — Ayla Martine
Third place — Colton Rango
Grades 3-5:
First place — Tylor Westervelt
Second place — Natalie Kresse
Third place — Jaida Palacios
Photos by Peg Snure