Studying energy is electrifying

Milford. Delaware Valley Elementary School fourth-graders experimented with insulators and conductors, built a compass and electromagnet, and other hands-on projects that helped them better understand the magic of electricity.

14 Jan 2020 | 11:48

Fourth-graders at the Delaware Valley Elementary School have been working hard in the Innovation Lab. In November, they participated in "The Magic of Electricity," a Penn State Extension Pike County 4-H School Enrichment program.

During this series, students received instruction and completed hands-on experiments guiding them to a basic understanding of the principals of electricity and magnetism. They created series and parallel circuits, experimented with insulators and conductors, developed an understanding of electrons and energy production, discovered magnetic fields, built a compass and an electromagnet, and determined electron directional flow using homemade galvanometers.

4-H school enrichment programs use research-based curricula that align with state learning standards to enhance understanding and provide additional opportunities for students to participate in a variety of projects that support all learning styles.