If you feel different, you drive different

Milford. DUI is deadly. Honor all first responders this Labor Day holiday by driving sober and exercising patience, respect, and courtesy when out on the road.

26 Aug 2019 | 01:52

Americans work hard. Labor Day is when we reflect on our efforts and take a well-deserved day off with family and friends.

But there are others who work on Labor Day to provide emergency services and ensure the public's safety. Honor all first responders this Labor Day holiday by driving sober and exercising patience, respect, and courtesy when out on the road.

The Pennsylvania DUI Association warns motorists that law enforcement officers will be working hard this weekend to remove impaired drivers from highways across the state. Municipal police will be working with state troopers to conducting enforcement details specifically geared towards the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers.

Many law enforcement officers have received special training enabling them to spot impairment, both with controlled substances and alcohol. Some 200 drug recognition experts in Pennsylvania will be assisting in apprehension. They say impaired is impaired, regardless of the substance, and to remember that if you feel different, you drive different.

Motorists arrested for DUI face potential jail time along with fines and costs totaling nearly $10,000. Repeat offenders risk a felony offense and incarceration in a state correctional Institution.

If you take prescription medications or are certified for medical marijuana, consult with your physician concerning their potentially impairing effects.

"We at the Pennsylvania DUI Association salute the hard-working men and women of Pennsylvania for all they do to make the Commonwealth a great place to live," said C. Stephen Erni, executive director of the Pennsylvania DUI Association. "While we want everybody to enjoy this time off, we urge all motorists to exercise sound judgement — don't drive impaired, arrange for alternate transportation or simply plan ahead. If you are hosting a celebration, never allow an impaired guest to get behind the wheel. Drivers remember, a short lapse in judgement can lead to a lifetime of regret ranging from a DUI arrest to the taking of a life."

DUI is deadly
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
Traffic crashes in 2017 accounted for 37,133 fatalities across the country.
10,874 were a direct result of alcohol-impaired drivers.
Factor in drivers impaired by controlled substances, and the number is even higher.
Pennsylvania stayed close to the national averages, with 1,137 fatal traffic crashes in 2017.
314 fatal crashes in Pennsylvania in 2017 were a direct result of alcohol impairment.