Pennsylvania judge puts hold on state 'ghost guns' policy

05 Feb 2020 | 11:13

(AP) A Pennsylvania judge on Jan. 31 put a freeze on a new state police policy regarding sales of partially manufactured gun frames that can be made into working pistols and rifles. Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson issued the preliminary injunction about three weeks after state police provided guidance to gun dealers about how to perform background checks for sales of what are often called 80% receivers or unassembled "ghost guns.'' Brobson said the plaintiffs, businesses that manufacture and sell the gun frames, have raised a legitimate question about whether the state police policy is too vague. He said he would be open to revisiting the scope of his injunction, depending on what state police does in response. "The harm of threatened enforcement of an unconstitutionally vague policy, derived from statute, cannot be remedied after the fact,'' Brobson wrote.