DV now a lofty 9-0 after beating Wyoming Valley West in JV volleyball

23 Apr 2019 | 09:22

    By Kenneth Hubeny
    Wyoming Valley West showed up at Delaware Valley on Monday determined to put a chink in DV's volleyball armor. It was not to be, though.
    The DV JVs came out smoking. At one point the team had a 13-1 lead. WVW just could not seem to get the ball over the net. They finally woke up and closed to 15-7 before DV regained control and won the first set 25-11.
    The second set was much closer. WVW actually held the lead several times in the set and made it look like they might win this set, but DV regrouped and pulled out a 25-21 victory to win the match.
    The varsity warmups made it look like this would be a tough match up. Both teams were tall and exuded a lot of energy.
    Once the game actually got underway, all appearances changed. Although both teams were fairly matched up, Blake Gearhart made all the difference in the world. He was unstoppable. He was smashing spike after spike. As a result, DV was in control all the way and took the first set 25-16.
    This by far was the best set for WVW and closer than the score would indicate. But DV was in control nonetheless.
    The second set was clearly all DV, and Blake continued to sizzle. DV won set two 25-10.
    Set three saw DV start it with six unanswered points. WVW battled back to make it 7-5. DV then went to work and took a commanding lead at 19-8. After giving up four points to WVW while DV scored one, DV then clicked for the final 5 points to win set three 25-12.
    WVW played hard and never quit, but they were up against an undefeated DV team that was just too much DV and way too much Blake Gearhart.
    Delaware Valley is now a lofty 9-0.
    A side point here: As much fun as it was to watch Blake Gearhart play basketball, and as good as he was on the basketball court he sure seems to be even better at volleyball. He graduates this year, so come out and see him before he is gone.
    Photos by Kenneth Hubeny