Don’t throw candy, don’t go through people's yards, and other great advice from the police chief

Matamoras. DVE-News/TV Reporters interview Chief Chad Stewart of the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department.

| 12 Nov 2019 | 01:45

On a rainy Halloween, DVE-News/TV reporters headed off to the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department. There they met Chief Chad Stewart.

Shannon got the interview started and asked about whether or not kids still go out and celebrate “Mischief Night." Chief Stewart said they still did. Children toilet paper houses and use soap on windows and use shaving cream. Then Shannon asked what the police did if there were kids still out after curfew. He said they give them a warning and the children usually listen and go home.

Next up was Taylor, who asked what age kids should be to go out for Halloween without an adult. Chief Stewart said around 12 or 13 years of age because they know the roads. Halloween is a very busy night for police officers. Taylor asked how does the police station prepare to keep kids safe and to have fun? The police patrol the streets.

Sal then asked what does Chief Stewart enjoy most about Halloween and why? He loves to see the costumes. Then Sal asked if the rain makes their job harder on Halloween. He responded it doesn’t bother the police much. They keep an eye on the trees if it's windy. Sal then asked if it's ever okay to throw candy at people, like at a parade. Chief said it’s never a good idea because someone can get hurt.

Last up was Billy who asked Chief Stewart what his best Halloween memory is. He responded that he loves seeing the kids help each other. Then he gave the reporters safety tips to remember for Halloween. Some of tips are, don’t run and don’t go through people's yards. Always wear reflective clothing, and keep a flashlight or glow stick on you at all times. He told the reporters to not wear long clothes, to keep them shorter so you don’t fall. He reminded the reporters to make sure you can see out of your mask, or better yet, use make up instead. That way you can see around you much better.

The DVE-News/TV reporters and Chief Chad Stewart would like everyone to stay safe on Halloween! Thank you Chief Chad Stewart.

By DVE-News/TV Reporters: Shannon O’Leary, Taylor Allen, William Coleman, Sal Ciarelli.