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Milford local releases book, rock music album

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  • Photos provided Milford native Mike Harrison.

  • Mike Harrison with Nitro lead guitarist Michael Angelo Batio.

  • Album cover.

  • Harrison's band Portraits by Candlelight.

Milford native Mike Harrison is no stranger to the music scene, having been immersed in it since he was a child.

Taking his passion for music, Harrison recently released a method book for advanced electric guitar players and also produced an album, "Welcome to Glove Mart," earlier this year.

Musical career
Harrison's parents got him started on the violin at around six years old.

"I really hated the violin all the years I was forced to play it," Harrison said. "Once I hit high school and I was given the opportunity to choose my own classes, I pretty much said, 'Screw it.' And came upon guitar by chance and found a real passion."

After graduating from Delaware Valley High School in 2006, Harrison continued to rock out on the electric guitar and study the art of music at several universities including Lock Haven University, Liberty University and University of Florida.

While completing his bachelors degree, Harrison became acquainted with world famous guitar player Michael Angelo Batio. Batio was the lead guitarist for the Los Angeles-based glam metal band Nitro in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In 2009, Batio came to Lock Haven University.

"He held a guitar workshop and I went as a guitar student," Harrison said. "We kept in touch after that. I started going to a few of his shows and guitar workshops and he started following me, writing reviews on things I was working on."

Method book

Keeping in touch, the two came together last year to work on a method book for advanced electric guitar players.

"A method book is what you would read if you wanted to take lessons without a teacher," Harrison said. "It's a step by step on how to play an instrument and how to master a certain skill."

The completion of this book earned Harrison a Master's degree in music and admission to the University of Florida where he is now working on a PhD.

The book is available through the University of Florida exclusively and Harrison is working with a few different people who are potentially interested in publishing it.

"This book is strictly for advanced electric guitar," Harrison said. "People who already know how to play but are looking to play at much more difficult levels of music... Chapter by chapter it goes over different exercises we created and it gets progressively harder."

Harrison also launched a companion web site ( to go along with the book. It offers a written explanations, tips and common things people have trouble with. There are also videos being performed by Harrison and Batio.

Welcome to Glove Mart

While working with Batio, Harrison was also able to produce an album of his own, "Welcome to Glove Mart," by his band Portraits by Candlelight. The hard rock album became available world wide in February.

"It makes fun of the few years I was working at Kmart while getting my bachelors degree," Harrison said.

Welcome to Glove Mart is available for purchase through Harrison is already working on his second album, which he expects to release later this year.

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