To the Editor:

Rex Tillerson, the current U.S. Secretary of State, has described “Don the Con” as a moron. Rex has not denied saying this, indeed most of America wholeheartedly agrees with his description.

Moron is a psychology term used to describe a person with an intellectual disability. In defining Americas’ con man supreme, numerous nefarious terms apply such as narcissist, paraphiliac, and compulsive liar!

Amazingly, the con man scoundrel declares he will remain our divider–in-chief for the next seven years. Con man is the original purveyor of absurd “fake news." This con man is an embarrassment to our nation and the office he currently holds. The con man’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” can only begin when he is gone.

Don the Con Man is indeed the most dangerous moron in the world. Don’t forget how this con man assisted by his Russian comrades, hijacked our nation in 2016.

America will have the opportunity to resolve our self-created problem in 2018. Until then, con man will ignorantly lead this nation down the path of continued acceptance of our distinctly “American Carnage” of gun violence and reckless threats of engaging in thermo-nuclear war.

I agree with Rex!

R Scott Brown