DVE-News/TV reporters meet Misericordia University president
Other highlights: Tours of TV studio, Rodin exhibit, and natural history collection

From left: Michael Brown, Jack Greening, Eric Pol, Owen Carso, Dr. Botzman, Jillian Robinson, Rozlyn Jones, Alina Kanet (Photo by Peg Snure)

By DVE-News/TV Reporters
MILFORD — We started our day arriving at Misericordia University and meeting Mr. Brian Carso, who gave us a tour of Misericordia. We went and interviewed the President, Dr. Thomas Botzman.
Dr. Botzman started out going to Yale for engineering. He then taught in Europe and Mexico. He has been the President of the University for five years now. He is the 13 president of the university. He told us that Misericordia is almost 100 years old. When asked about any news building plans for the school, he told us that $38 million will be spent on the science building. The university is known for its music and arts programs.
The best part of his job is seeing the students realizing their dreams. The hardest part of being president is when students or their family gets injured, or passes away. He goes to 5 to 10 meetings a day. He tries to fit in lunch when he can with the students.
When asked if they have had any students 16 or younger, Dr. Botzman said yes, there have been 15- to A 16-year-old students that have attended. They’ve had a professional soccer player and many students who have become famous locally who have attended Misericordia. He also mentioned that there are approximately 3,000 students, including commuter students.
We asked Dr. Botzman what he liked to do outside of the university and he touts himself a good video player! He also said that their dining hall is very good.
We thanked him for the interview and continued with our tour with Brian Carso.
A peek backstageNext we went ate in the dining hall and had a great lunch. We then went to see the school’s TV studio, where we met Dr. Melissa Sgroi and Dan Kimbrough. Dr. Melissa Sgroi was an anchorwoman and reporter for a CBS affiliate. Mr. Kimbrough showed us the studio and their green screen. We checked out the TV studio/communications lab.
We then met Mr. Jeff Kelly, theater director, who explained stage lighting and the light control room. He brought us back stage and showed us the green room where people have make-up put on and wait until called to stage.
Misericordia University had a Rodin Art Exhibit, where we met Alexandra Isaac, who told us more about Rodin. We also met up with previous DVE-News/TV reporter Michael Bell.
Last up was Dr. Serine, Science Professor, who showed us many different mammal skulls, like a giraffe alligator, crocodile, and cougar. He had preserved timber rattlers and copperheads. He even showed us tapeworms!
We really enjoyed our trip and learned a lot about Misericordia University.
By DVE-News/TV reporters Owen Carso, Jillian Robinson, Alina Kanet, Michael Brown, Jack Greening, Eric Pol and Rozlin Jones.