Try these story starters for your holiday table
Share something new with your family at your next gathering. Here are some conversation starters

By Betsy Towner, AARP
Gather around the holiday table and pass these conversation starters, too.
Bring this article with you to your holiday gathering. Instead of offering expressions of gratitude, ask each other questions, share something new and, perhaps, bridge a generation gap. We suggest 50 topics to get you started, but no rules apply. Just have fun asking others to fill in the blanks and offering up your own answers. Who knows? Your revelations may become the spiciest dish at the feast.
My baby book1. I was named after ___ because ___
2. My parents told me I was a ___ baby
3. I remember my grandparents as being ___
4. I remember my parents as being ___
5. I remember my siblings as being ___
Earliest Memories
6. My first pet was ___
7. My chores growing up were ___
8. My favorite toy was ___
9. My best surprise ever was ___
10. I wanted to grow up to be a ___
When I Was a Kid
11. Something I wish was still sold in stores is ___
12. The historical moment I remember best is ___
13. A famous person who made the biggest impression was ___
14. My first music player was a ___ and I liked to listen to ___ on it
15. The first president I remember was ___
Teen talk16. My favorite activities at school were ___
17. My first job was ___
18. My first car was ___ and it cost ___
19. My favorite musical group was ___
20. My first home away from my parents was ___
I'm not blushing!21. My first crush was on ___
22. My first date was with ___ at ___
23. My first kiss was ___
24. I met my mate when ___
25. My favorite wedding memory is ___
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Modern Times
26. I am happiest when ___
27. I am most at peace when ___
28. I often crave ___
29. My favorite book is ___
30. My favorite movie is ___
Believe It or Not
31. My religion is ___ because ___
32. Politically, I consider myself a ___
33. My beliefs once changed when ___
34. My biggest hope is that ___
35. I am superstitious about ___
Juicy Secrets
36. If I could marry a celebrity, it would be ___
37. Once, I was really embarrassed when ___
38. I think my best feature is my ___
39. A secret I wish I hadn't kept is ___
40. I am secretly proud that I can ___
Talkin' turkey41. The troublemaker of the family was ___
42. One time I got in hot water when ___
43. But I didn't get caught when ___
44. One time I got scared when ___
45. I'll always regret ___
Bragging a Little
46. Our family claim to fame is ___
47. Once I won a contest when ___
48. My proudest moment was ___
49. My favorite thing about someone at this table is ___
50. Something I hope you like about me is ___
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