Rockefeller Center tree's head gardener talks to young reporters

DVE-News/TV reporters check out the tree, interview Mr. Erik Pauze, during awesome NYC trip

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  • From left: Chase Kurcon, Anthony Lampo, Nicholas Colon, Nate Elabdouni, Mr. Erik Pauze, Kara Luposello, Lauren Donnelly, Irene McDermott (Photo provided)

  • From left: Chase Kurcon, Anthony Lampo, Nicholas Colon, Nate Elabdouni, Mr. Erik Pauze, Kara Luposello, Lauren Donnelly, Irene McDermott (Photo provided)

  • Dancing, playing bells and tambourine are (from left): Michael Borrero, Anthony Lampo, Irene McDermott, Lauren Donnelly, Kate Borrero, and Nate Elabdouni (Photo provided)

  • Interviewing Kate Borrero are (from left) Kara Luposello, Lauren Donnelly, Irene McDermott, Anythony Lampo, Nicholas Colon, Nate Elabdouni, Chase Kurcon (Photo provided)

By DVE-News/TV Reporters

, N.Y. — DVE-News/TV reporters had the pleasure to interview Mr. Erik Pauze, Head Gardener of the Rockeller Center tree and grounds.

Mr. Pauze went to college in Long Island to study horticulture. He went into gardening because he has loved being outdoors since he was a child.

When asked why he chose this Rockefeller Christmas tree this year, he said that he has had his eye on this tree for seven years. He was watching his son play football on a beautiful day in State College, Pennsylvania. The beautiful, blue sky was in the back ground, and the sun was shining on this Norway Spruce and Mr. Pauze felt that it was perfect! It is 73 feet tall. It took two days to travel to New York City from State College, Pennsylvania.

Once the tree arrives, it is placed in a big base and they use wires to pull it up. They use a crane to put the star on the tree. It takes about 50 people to put the tree up and get lights on it. To get the lights on, they use a scaffolding around the tree. It takes about two weeks to get the lights on. When the city is done with the tree, the wood is donated to the Habitat for Humanity.

Mr. Pauze said that the busiest times of the year for Rockefeller Center are Christmas and Easter. His favorite part of the job is meeting interesting people. The worst part of his job is going home on the subway. He said he meets most of the celebrities from Good Morning America. He loves working in New York City because of the people.

We then met up with a couple of dancing Salvation Army people. They are married. Michael Borrero has been with the Salvation Army for ten years and his wife, Kate Borrero, nearly two years. They are both working on becoming captains with the Salvation Army. Their least favorite part of the job is the paperwork that has to be done. Their favorite part is meeting kids like us! When asked why they dance, they said they wanted to get people’s attention so they will make a donation. They both would like to see world peace. After our interview, they invited us to dance with them, play the tambourine and the bell!

After lunch, we all filled out wishes for the new year. All of these wishes written on pieces of paper are dropped down on New Year’s Eve so people can read them.

We had an awesome trip to New York City!

By DVE-News/TV Reporters, Chase Kurcon, Anthony Lampo, Nicholas Colon, Nate Elabdouni, Kara Luposello, Lauren Donnelly, Irene McDermott.

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