Join TriVersity's 'Share Your Heart' dance on Feb. 17

Your heart is happy when it’s helping other hearts. Make your heart happy; join our annual “Share Your Heart” dance on Feb. 17. Dance to DJ Brad Keller-Keller Sound Entertainment. We would like to share a little bit of history on why we started the first “Share Your Heart.” TriVersity and our community at-large lost a very special person on Dec. 31, 2011, Linda Troise.
Linda was such an inspiration to anyone who she came in contact with her. Linda’s love for her community and her concern for the homeless, hungry, and our youth was her drive to be instrumental in creating the Ecumenical Food Pantry at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Milford and a member of the Rainbow Youth organization as a youth counselor. Linda was also part of the reason a GSA was formed at Delaware Valley High School. Linda passed away before she could witness the GSA group, but we know she was looking down and smiling on all of us.
Patty Tomaszewski, founder and past executive director/president of TriVersity (formerly known as the UDGLBT Center) wanted our center to do something to honor Linda, so she created “Share Your Heart” and asked the community to bring can goods to the event to be donated to the food pantry in honor of Linda. Share Your Heart is just what Linda did everyday so the name of the event and having it on Valentine’s Day was very fitting.
Now we are in our seventh year and we are so excited to continue the love. This year we will be asking the community to donate again. We will also be collecting items for the Delaware Valley Schools.
The school has a new program called “Brown Bag Project.” The objective is to bridge the gaps of food-insecure students and to provide food or snacks to any student who is in need, regardless of income.
The school has been able to provide a bag lunch to a couple of students using only what they had on hand. But, slowly they started helping more students and would love to be able to continue throughout the rest of the school year. We asked Amy Letwinsky, social worker at Delaware Valley High School, what items do they need: "What would be very helpful would be shelf-stable items such as tuna and cracker packs, bottles of water, beef/turkey jerky, peanut butter single-serve packets.”
We believe Linda is once again smiling down on us and we will always hold Linda in our hearts and memories.
Share Your Heart is on Saturday, Feb. 17 @8PM at the Best Western in Matamoras. Music provided by Brad Keller of Keller Sound Entertainment. Details below.