Call out Senator Toomey on Kavanaugh debacle

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To the Editor:

This is from Senator Pat Toomey who voted to confirm Kavanaugh: "He is an impartial jurist who treats everyone fairly and decides cases neutrally on the basis of the law and not a preferred policy or outcome."

Impartial? Claiming that he is attacked by supporters of the Clintons? Lying under oath at his confirmation hearings?

Call Senator Toomey — tell him the following:

Earlier, nominees to the Supreme Court were confirmed by 60 votes in the Senate. This rule was to ensure that a majority of the country would agree on the qualifications of the nominee.

Since the GOP changed that rule, only 51 senatorial votes are now needed to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court. The result? Turmoil fighting over this issue.

Amendments to the Constitution require two-thirds of the states’ approval. To override a presidential veto requires two-thirds of Congress. Why does the GOP think that a Supreme Court judge should be confirmed by a simple majority?

GOP rhetoric about “following the Constitution” has gone out the window. They have essentially broken our system.

We have you Senator Toomey and the GOP to thank for the debacle!

Senator Pat Toomey (R):

Tel: 570-941-3540


Fax: 570-941-3544


Delaware Valley Democratic Club


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