Local voters reflect on election results
Whatever their party preference, these voters hope for healing among the populace and cooperation in Congress

Voters line up at Dingman Township 1 polling place in the Milford Bible Church on Election Day 2018 (Photo by Linda Fields)

By Linda Fields
MILFORD — The mid-term elections are over. The Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, and the GOP added to its majority in the Senate.
Are voters happy? The Courier took an informal “man-and-woman-on-the-street" poll.
Tony Asprinio of Milford voted Republican. He said he was not surprised at all with the results.
“I knew we had a tall task ahead of us for the governor and senate races, and I’m not sure we put the type of candidates against the incumbents needed to be successful," Asprinio said. "And, although I may disagree with Governor Wolf on many things, it is possible the better man won last night. Obviously I was hoping the house wouldn’t flip. I just hope they make an honest attempt to get things done for the people.”
Asprinio said he hoped the president and Congress will work together on such issues as health care, prescription drugs, infrastructure and DACA.
“It may be just what the country needs to do a little healing," he said.
Jennifer Walker from Milford said she voted a straight Democratic line.
“I was happy with the results except for the Florida gubernatorial race," she said.
(As of this printing, Florida is still counting ballots for that race.)
Walker said the addition of women in Congress was inspirational.
“That made me completely happy," she said. "Wow, things are possible!”
Darlene Drake, a Pike County resident who works in Milford and lives in Bushkill, said she also voted Democratic, but added, “I’m not happy with any of them. I don’t think anybody plays well together. They just try to cut each other down....But I like there are more women in Congress. Women are more rational.”
Veronica Fernandez, at age 21, belongs to an age demographic whose turnout has been anemic in past elections. She said she was eager to vote in Milford Borough and had subscribed to texts and notifications to keep up with election news.
“I’m happy with the results," she said.
Did her friends vote?
“Not as many friends as I would have liked," she said.
She said many of her friends were confused about to where to vote.
Ray Gillette from Mt. Cobb was in Milford on business the day following the election. He thought the election “went well,” and added, “I’m not a real fan of the president. I stick to a lot of Republican thought processes and the planks they put in their committee, but the people they have running simply weren’t acceptable to me. I think our governor is attempting to do a terrific job. I was quite frankly happy with the election.”
A Republican voter, a woman from Milford who didn’t want to give her name, had this to say: “I’m not surprised by the results at all. It’s what I really expected.”
She said she wasn’t pleased that the House majority went to the Democrats.
"But we’ve got to learn to work together, and maybe now having one (chamber) one way and another the other way, we’ll be forced to work together," she said.