Pike District Attorney finds no voter fraud in the November election

Voters line up at the Dingman Township 1 polling place in the Milford Bible Church on Election Day (Photo by Linda Fields)

DINGMAN — Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin said he has found no evidence of voter fraud in the Nov. 6 election.
The Pike County District Attorney’s Office Criminal Investigation Division completed an investigation into an allegation of voter fraud in the Dingman #1 voting precinct on Election Day, he said.
On Nov. 6, a man arrived to vote and, after providing his name to the poll worker, it was observed that a signature had already been placed in the signature line over the person’s name. The investigation determined that another individual who was properly registered to vote at the Dingman #1 precinct mistakenly signed the wrong line.
"As this was merely a mistake with no fraudulent intent, there will be no criminal charges filed," said Tonkin.
“Investigators worked quickly to identify the party who signed on the wrong voter name line," he said. "Once identified, we learned this was a simple mistake. Importantly, the truth was obtained and each voter was able to cast his ballot.”