DVES fundraiser buys a goat for a poor family overseas

Mr. Brocious’s class at Delaware Valley Elementary School raised enough money — $105.15 — to buy a goat for a struggling family in a poor country through an international relief organization. Their goal was to have students and staff donate one quarter each by the end of December. Their goal is get enough quarters, six hundred of them, to buy two goats. Mr. Brocious has conducted this fundraiser for 20 years. There were many years in the past they were able to buy two goats. In poor countries, a goat can make a huge difference, providing a family with goat’s milk, cheese, and yogurt. They can also sell the goat for extra money to get money for medicine. Mr. Brocious’ class sends a big thank you to DVES students and staff alike who gave a quarter to help this project along. Pictured is Austin Conklin, a student in Mr. Brocious’s third-grade class, with a message of thanks. (Photo provided)