Sportsmanship wins in basketball season's final games
Delaware Valley's JV fights to get inside, Varsity's tie won by Honesdale in overtime

Opening jump ball: Jackson Shafer and Chris Cespedes. Jackson won. (Photo by Ken Hubeny)

By Kenneth Hubeny
MILFORD — Thursday night, Feb. 14, was Valentine's Day. It was also the final regular season basketball game for Delaware Valley, and senior night as well.
The senior cheerleaders and the second senior basketball players were honored.
Blake Gearhart and Tom Raniero were both highlighted. Both have been steady and valuable players to the team. Both also play volleyball and are national honor society members. Blake is also a member of Mu Alpha Theta and is on the prom committee.
Both are outstanding young men.
DV hangs tough in losing fightWell, Honesdale showed up with the intention of throwing a little shade on the evening, and they managed to do just that.
The Junior Varsity saw tight defense from the Honesdale squad as well as crisp passing, consistently finding their open man and racking up the layups.
DV had trouble hitting outside shots and found it difficult to penetrate and get layups. When they did manage to work their way inside, the shots were either partially blocked or completely blocked.
DV worked hard and hung tough but found themselves on the losing end of a 43-35 game.
Honesdale breaks the tieNow the Varsity takes the court. I knew that Honesdale won an early season game, 61-52, so hope was springing eternal that DV could pull out a reversal on senior night.
It started with both teams trading baskets until the final minute if the one period when Jackson Shafer hit 2 three-point shots, giving DV the lead ending the period at 14-11.
In the second period, DV ran ice cold, and Honesdale scored 9 unanswered points.
The half ends with Honesdale up 29-23.
In the third period DV was much improved. Grant Berrios caught fire, hitting 3 layups and 2 foul shots, getting the game close.
The game was finally tied up but begin to slip away again in Honesdale's favor. Honesdale was up by 3 when they put in a buzzer beater to take a 5-point lead.
In the fourth period Jackson Shafer put in 4 three-pointers, and the game was tied up at 56 with 1:49 left to play. Both teams scored, making it 58, all with .35 to play.
Neither team could score. DV got a rebound with .12 on the clock. The DV coach was screaming for a time out but was awarded 3 on the clock. The second the ball was inbounded. The clock ran out.
With the score tied at 58-58 they went into overtime.
In OT both teams scored a basket. suddenly DV went ice cold and could not hit a shot. Meanwhile, everything clicked for Honesdale, and they won the game 68-60.
Sportsmanship wins the dayCredit to Honesdale for playing a very good defensive game while doing just like their JV team — passing crisply, hitting the open man, and scoring under the basket almost at will.
A side mention here: DV always shows good sportsmanship. However, it is sometimes not reciprocated. I have seen them take some really cheap shots, but Honesdale was the exception here. They showed extremely good sportsmanship for the entire game.
After the obligatory pre-game meeting of the captains and coaches shaking hands, the players met at center court for the opening jump. Every Honesdale player went to each and every DV player and shook his hand and wished him well. How refreshing.
When DV made a great, play I saw the Honesdale players smile as if to acknowledge it. There was one play where DV got a defensive rebound: Grant Berrios bolted down court, received a long-distance pass, and drove it in for a layup. A big smile appeared on the Honesdale player guarding Grant — I could almost hear him say, "Great play!"
This is a credit to the coach and the players. It was a delight to watch.
DV, you are always gentlemen and always fun to watch. Here's hoping that you do well in the districts.
High scorers were:
Chris Cespedes and Joey Scarfallato, both at 18 for Honesdale
Jackson Shafer 21, Grant Berrios 15, Blake Gearhart 13, and Tom Raniero 11 for DV.