Our legislature should know the jobs being created in Pennsylvania around drone technology

My name is Frank Segarra and I’m the CEO of ConnexiCore, a Pennsylvania headquartered Commercial UAS Drone Systems Integration company. I am delighted to have been asked by David Heath (Director of UAS for the PA Drone Association) to be on the advisory board and my team and myself are very excited to make a contribution to the association and further economic development here in Pennsylvania. The purpose of my reaching out is two-fold:
1. I volunteered to coordinate a monthly advisory board conference call so we can all meet virtually via ConnexiCore Corporate WebEx. Having served on other drone advisory and public safety boards I have found that its critical to establish and promote synergy with all members as quickly as possible, considering we’re all probably strangers to each other. I also think a monthly conference call to get to know each other, collaborate on important topics, recruiting new members, and plan logistics for upcoming events (i.e. the Drone Advocacy Day at the State Capitol building on June 11) will be very productive time spent. My question to the advisory board at this phase is; what time and day of the week will work for everyone for say a 45 minute +/- monthly conference call? Once I hear back from the advisory board team on your suggested availability I will send out a recurring WebEx meeting invite if that sounds good for everyone?
The next topic of this long winded email is a direct solicitation to the folks I have copied on this email that I believe can make an impact via their membership and/or participation into our association.
2. First a little background on PA Drone.org: we are a new association of businesses, institutions, and individuals with a common interest in unmanned systems technologies. We work to advance that common interest through networking, collaboration, advocacy, education and economic development opportunities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to advocate, promote and grow the societal and economic benefits of safe, accessible, and affordable unmanned systems technologies in Pennsylvania. We are your eyes and ears at the federal level and your voice at the state level.
Our organization is aggressively looking to strengthen our membership and bolster involvement of institutional and commercial users and developers. As an example of our effort, we are hosting a Drone Advocacy Day at the State Capitol building on June 11 and have been invited to a two-hour public hearing addressing the Senate Aviation Caucus. The purpose is to create awareness of all facets of this expanding technology — education, advocacy, demonstrations and engagement. You and your associates might mark your calendars as I will reach out with more details as they unfold. The PA Drone Association is preparing to support your efforts in very meaningful value-add ways and this day is an example of our strategy for knowledge sharing and advocacy. We are looking for any companies that sees a value in (UAS) drone technology in Pennsylvania. We have 15 tables that we are focusing on nailing down and have five committed and looking to nail down the remaining 10.
I will be one of the speakers at the Drone Advocacy Day at the State Capitol building on June 11, and I’m planning on focusing on economic development and the assistance my ConnexiCore received from Ben Franklin Tech Partners. I think it’s important for our legislature to know the jobs that are being created in PA around drone technology. Todd Kishpaugh with Argos Unmanned will also be speaking. David has already met with Carnegie Mellon and Skycision in Pittsburgh and is moving forward with taking over the Liberty Chapter of AUVSI. We have limited our board to 16 members to facilitate effective management and leadership while continually developing our strategic plan. I firmly believe that this association is providing the link between manned and unmanned aviation and will push the future of UAV technology integration in Pennsylvania.
Thank you!
Frank J. Segarra