Bob Myers, Shohola Township; Penney Luhrs, Milford Township; Cheryl Schmitt, Porter Township; JoAnn Rose, Palmyra Township and Pike County Conservation District Associate Director; Krista Predmore, Delaware Township; Joanna Donahue, Blooming Grove Township; Ken Coutts, Palmyra Township and PCCD director; Michele Long, PCCD executive director; Ellen Enslin, PCCD senior resource conservationist; Chris Ingulli, PCCD administrative manager; Stanley Whittaker, Lehman Township; Jerry Dotey, Westfall Township; George Schmitt, Porter Township; Nick Mazza, Blooming Grove Township; Tim Rohner, Lehman Township; Bill Schneider, Westfall Township; Mike Mrozinski, Pike County planning director. (Photo provided)