DDMS recognizes Ryan and Laura Curchoe for their outstanding work

04 Feb 2020 | 06:59

Dingman. The Dingman-Delaware Middle School recognizes two teachers for their outstanding contributions in December and January. Ryan and Laura Curchoe work very hard at ensuring that students gain a love for music and the arts. In December, they helped to organize and conduct multiple band, chorus, and orchestra concerts. They spent countless hours with students to prepare them for the performances in addition to their daily teaching schedules at DDMS. Both Mr. and Mrs. Curchoe supervise and run clubs after school for students, such as fashion club, pep band, middle grades chorus, lighthouse team, and ski club, while also helping with the DDMS gifted program. "We, at DDMS, would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Curchoe for their continued hard work and dedication to our students."